learn English through cartoon with subtitle – learn English conversation online

welcome to this video about learn English through cartoon with subtitle – learn English conversation online.

Do you want to learn English
Do you want to speak English and understand others
In this lesson I will give you English conversations to increase your ability to listen.

You should listen to the conversation more than once
Repeat listening to the conversation until you understand each conversation

Learning a new language can be difficult, but it’s not impossible.
Learning any language can be broken up into four pieces: listening, speaking, reading, and writing . If you want to learn English faster, get started with Step 1

Listen to a native speaker of English speaking English at a speed you can understand.

Listen everyday English that uses words that you understand and that are spoken clearly enough so that you can hear what the speaker says.

You don’t have to listen for a long time.But you must listen everyday.

Listen to English for just 10 or 15 minutes everyday.

Rules to Learn English
Rule 1: Listen To Easy English Everyday
Rule 2: Learn The Music Of English
Rule 3: Repetition Is The Key To Learning English
Rule 4: Think In English Don’t Translate
Rule 5: Learn English Idioms And Phrases
Rule 6: Do Not Study Grammar To Speak English

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