Learn English through Hindi | 1000 sentences for English speaking आसान अंग्रेजी | Full course

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Learn 1000 common English sentences through Hindi इंग्लिश सीखो for English speaking and conversation in this English spoken course for beginners.

In this video tutorial, Ifactner teaches and explain meaning of more than 1000 English words and sentences for English speaking practice for Indians.

This lesson covers daily use words, phrases and sentences to improve your English vocabulary, pronunciation and speaking skills. An easy way to learn English is to listen and speak with the teacher. Many people can understand but they have the difficult to listen and speak English in the real situations.

This video aims at teaching English to the beginners as well as students who are preparing for Bank PO, SSC CGL, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT exams. Improving your English vocabulary is the first step towards improving your English spoken and writing skills. Ifactner has given the Hindi and Urdu translation of all the words and sentences to help you to easily understand and memorize the English phrases.

Indians and Pakistanis and people who understand either Hindi or Urdu language can learn a lot from this video as it uses simple Hindi and Urdu to teach you English. Remember to use and practice these English sentences for your conversation with colleagues, clients, friends and family members.

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