Learn English through story ★ Unit 12: A Pretty Girl (Level 1)

Kids love to learn English through story. There are 12 short stories for kids in English. They are very short, easy and simple for kids or beginners.

With Effortless English system, you learn English with your ears, not with your eyes. You learn pronunciation by listening. You learn vocabulary by listening. You learn grammar by listening. Listening is the key to excellent English speaking .

Unit 12: A Pretty Girl
There is a girl
She is very pretty
She has a doll
The doll has yellow hair
The doll has blue eyes
She kisses the doll
She loves the doll

Learn English through story is the best and fast way to learn English
In the video you have to:
+ Listen the story
+ Answer the questions
+ Listen and Repeat the sentences
+ Listen and Repeat the new words

Effortless English uses Deep learning method . Deep learning is the secret to speaking easily. It’s not enough to know a word or a phrase, you need to put it deeply into your brain so that you can use it easily and naturally.

Your kids MUST learn each video every day in at least 2 weeks.

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