Learn English Through Story | The Enemy by Desmond Bagley (Level 5)
Malcolm Jaggard is a undercover agent catcher, and a servant of the politicians. He’s hard, tough, and clever – and he desires to marry Penny Ashton, a scientist, and the daughter of the scientist George Ashton. Then the Ashtons’ comfy world is unexpectedly shattered, and Malcolm is ordered by way of his flesh presser bosses to guard Ashton. But who’s George Ashton? And how do you protect a man who has simply disappeared?
Malcolm wishes greater information, and he can’t get it. So he fights for it. But know-how is a power, and servants have to not have any energy. His looking for Ashton has turned into a desperate and violent manhunt, Malcolm has observed information. But he additionally has determined himself within the lengthy-walking war between scientists and politicians – a battle wherein ‘We have met the enemies, and that they have met us.’

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