Learn English through Urdu | Full English speaking course

Learn to speak common English sentences in this Learn English through Urdu full course. Fluent spoken English is a requirement for a good international job as English is an international language and . Part 1 of Spoken English through Urdu course consists of 20 English speaking lessons in Urdu language, 1000 most common English words and Phrases, English phrases revision to improve your English listening skills and more than 20 English exercises through Urdu to improve your English speaking skills.
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How to follow this course to speak and write English through Urdu:
All the lessons are designed for non native English speakers who understand Urdu or Hindi. Watch the videos and listen to the course carefully. Language of delivery of the course is Urdu. As English is an international language and understood by many therefore you should be able to speak and understand it if you are travelling to a foreign country. Follow the instructions by the instructor in the course. Write down all the words as taught in the tutorials. Speak, write and practice the English words, phrases and sentences until, you feel comfortable with them. Rewind and listen to the lessons again.


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