Learn English With Movies | Going to the Airport with Ethan Tremblay

Fragment from the “Due Date” movie. There are a lot of slang expressions and often used words in everyday life.
Curious, funny, stubborn, confident and with a winning personality Ethan Tremblay will not leave you indifferent!
Learn english with movie Due Date, fill up your vocabulary and watch how an occasional meeting with such a guy can break all your plans and teach,
including that you were not ready to learn.

We came up with additional entertainment for the most attentive viewers. We hid several Easter Eggs in each video.
The big Easter Egg is encrypted in a long chain of videos. It`s realy tricky challenge. And we think it will be almost impossible!
However, if such a superpowered decoder is ever found, we will be incredibly happy! Write comments about your successes.

The number of Easter Eggs in this video – six;)

The question is – can learning English be easy and fun? The answer is yes, of course!
Great way to learn English is to watch and listen English in Context!
(The best way is to speak English)

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