* Script
– There isn’t much time.
– No, there isn’t.
– In fact, there’s no time at all.
– Please…
– Why are you here?
– How can you possibly bring me lower?
– What more can you take away from me?
– Family survived the crash.
– They’re here on the island!
– They’re alive?
– Helen?
– Hello. You must be Mrs…
– She was helping me to escape.
– No. That’s what I was doing.
– Let go of me! Let go, you lousy, lying, unfaithful creep!
– How could I betray the perfect woman?
– Oh, you’re referring to me now?
– Where are the kids?
– They triggered the alert.
– What?
– Security’s in the jungle. Get going.
– Our kids are in danger?
– If you suspected danger, why’d you bring them?
– They stowed away.
– You’re not striking the proper tone.



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