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“EASY FRENCH” SERIES – 3 BOOK IN 1 (Complete Course)

What is really needed to approach a new language?

What is the secret of those who get results quickly and effortlessly?

As a teacher with 18 years of experience I can tell you that the answer is simple: an easy and useful method, the repetition of a few concepts, proper study material easy to follow in 15 -20 minutes a day.

These are the ingredients of my “Easy French”, the method you will find in this complete series of 3 books, the same method that has allowed hundreds of my students to reach their language goals without frustration.

All my books are created for ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS and contain a very practical approach with many phrases, examples and attention to pronunciation for effective learning:


FRENCH FOR BEGINNERS is divided into 17 short and captivating lessons, 17 different situations in real context, including some culture and tourist information for a perfect complement of the language.


In FRENCH PHRASEBOOK you will find 19 short and captivating lessons for 19 different situations for everyday use and travel!

All words and phrases are accompanied by their correct pronunciation and translation for a complete immersion and an help in your conversation.


FRENCH SHORT STORIES FOR BEGINNERS has 20 interesting stories set in realistic contexts and everyday situations. You will work on pronunciation and set the basics for a fluent conversation. At the end you will find 100 questions to test your understanding skills with and to be proud of your inevitable progress.

As you can see, in this bundle there is a lot of useful material to master your first level of French language.

Whatever your goal is, now, you can finally feel confident and happy on your journey through French.

Ready to start ? Now it’s your turn!


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