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A Simple Guide To Practicing English With Native Speakers


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In this video, we talk about the BEST ways to learn and remember new vocabulary in English. We all have different learning styles, so it’s important to find methods & techniques you enjoy.

If you enjoy the learning process, you learn more and you learn faster–guaranteed!

So, some people might like interacting with apps like Duolingo and Mango Languages. But I don’t! I prefer using social media, looking up images of new words, and practicing with REAL conversations.

That said, some methods are definitely more effective than others, so if you want to learn more vocabulary FAST, you need to use methods that are PROVEN to be more effective (I give several examples in the video).

Here are some of the tips:

1. Use learning strategies you enjoy. Don’t ever force yourself to use boring methods because they slow you down.

2. Cramming is almost always a bad idea. When you try to learn too much, too quickly, your brain has a hard time retaining all the information. It’s better to learn steadily over a long period of time.

3. Your brain remembers images much better than words. So, if you can associate new words with images, you’ll be more likely to remember them.

4. Since social media is highly addictive, we can use this to our advantage. Make sure you use all your social media accounts in English. Then, follow pages, profiles, & content that is 100% in English. Also, make sure this content is related to your interests, passions, and areas of expertise. This will help you stay focused and aquire new vocabulary in a natural way.

Watch the video to learn more about these tips and many others.

Also, here is the link to the video I mentioned about memorization techniques and how our brain remembers words:


That’s it!

I hope you learned something new….

Don’t forget to share your ideas and experiences with us in the comments 🙂


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🌎 Where are you from?
🗣 Do you speak another language?
-Yes, I learned Spanish and speak fluently.
✈️ What countries have you traveled to?
-Mexico, Argentina, Ireland, UK, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy
🇦🇷 Have you ever lived abroad?
-Yes, I have lived in Argentina since January 2013
🤷🏼‍♀️ You speak too fast. Can you slow down?
-No. I work with advanced English learners, and they don’t need or want me to slow down. You can slow down my videos with this chrome extension: http://bit.ly/2twblvb
🤓 I want to improve my English. Can you help me?
-Sure. Sign up on my website to learn more about my online courses, classes, and offers. Here is the link: https://www.englishfulltime.com


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