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This video introduces the language,Tagalog, in a manner that will be easily understood, and thus learn.

Learning a new language for the first time requires good listening and patience. In this tutorial video, simple Tagalog conversation is presented. Often, when Tagalog language is spoken, a lot of English words are used. This is very common, especially with the younger generation and even with adults alike.The phrases in this video were first spoken slowly and then followed by the natural way the words should be spoken.

While watching the video, why not repeat each phrase after the tutor has spoken and then tries to say the given phrase. This will then acquaint you with the way this language is to be pronounced.

Regularly, a new video will be uploaded. Please, subsrcibe to be updated with the coming videos. We hope your learning of this beautiful language will be fun.

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  1. paano po ako makapunta duon?

    how can I get there?

    are you sure that's a correct answer ??✌✌

  2. Informal filipino: "Pwede po ba magtanong?" , "Sige, ano yun?" = I think this is much better to use for normal conversations with common people on ordinary days.

  3. Salamat po sa mga videos marami po akong natutunan nito,k nag-self study po kasi ako ngayon ng english grammar kasi Hindi napo ako nakapag-aral nagtrabaho na ako god bless you…..


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