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Read along to practice your English and to learn the English phrases SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH and SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING:

In this English lesson I wanted to help you learn the English phrase, severe thunderstorm watch and severe thunderstorm warning. They’re slightly different. Currently in my part of Ontario, Canada, there is a severe thunderstorm watch. That means that conditions are favorable for the development of a thunderstorm. That’s a lot of words, a lot of hard words, actually. What it basically means is it’s really hot, it’s really humid, there could be a thunderstorm forming at any time. It means though that there aren’t any thunderstorms in the area yet. So when they say that there is a severe thunderstorm watch, it simply means that the weather conditions are right, that that kind of storm could form at any time.


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If it does happen, though, if in my area or close to my area, someone does actually see a thunderstorm or if the weather people see it on the radar, they would then change it to a severe thunderstorm warning. When you are in a severe thunderstorm warning, it means that a thunderstorm has been seen, it has been cited, it’s probably approaching and it will probably happen soon. So currently we are in a severe thunderstorm watch. Again, it’s a little strange because it really does not look like it’s going to rain today. I really don’t know if we’re going to have a storm or not. But currently we’re in a severe thunderstorm watch, and soon that might change to a severe thunderstorm warning, when we actually start to see clouds form and rain fall from the sky. So anyways, we’ll see.

Sometimes in our area, they will say that there is 60% chance of rain, or they will say there is a 60% chance of rain and then it doesn’t rain. And then Jen and I are usually sad because we want rain to fall from the sky to water our flowers.

But let’s move on to the second part of the lesson today. Let’s look at one of the comments from a previous day. This is from Lalit Pal and Lalit says, “the use of crystal clear is now crystal clear to me. Thanks, Bob.” So I really like this comment and you can see my reply. “You’re welcome. I love this comment.” The reason I love this comment is because Lalit Pal used the phrase to express the fact that they understood the phrase. So when they said, “The use of crystal clear is now crystal clear to me. Thanks, Bob”, it actually made me smile and it made me laugh a little bit because it was cool to see someone use the phrase properly in order to say that they understood the phrase that I had taught. So anyways, Lalit Pal, thank you very much.

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But we’re at the point of the video where I’m just going to talk a little bit more quickly about what’s happening around here. We are in another heat wave, and so it’s very, very hot. I was outside this morning and my camera actually fogged up when I was making my video. What that means is that my camera was in the house where it’s air conditioned and it’s nice and cool, and when I brought it outside, everything got blurry because there was moisture in the camera. And for a while, I was a little bit worried because this is my only camera. And I was worried that it was broken, but actually after waiting about half an hour, all of the moisture somehow got out of the camera and the camera started working properly again. But because it’s so hot and humid here my camera fogged up. I think people who wear glasses might have the same problem sometimes. I can’t remember when you come from a cold air conditioned building to the outside and it’s hot out, do they fog up? Or do they fog up when you go from a hot outdoor setting to an indoor cold setting that’s air conditioned? I’m not sure because I don’t wear glasses. Maybe I should go put my reading glasses on and give it a try and see what happens, which direction.

Anyways, camera’s working fine. Lesson’s made for the big channel tomorrow. Lesson made here for today. Hope you’re having a good day.

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