Read along to practice your English and to learn the English phrases SHAMELESS PLUG and PLUG AWAY:

In this English lesson, I wanted to help you learn the English phrase, shameless plug. A shameless plug is when you promote yourself, or you talk about other things you’ve done that you think are impressive. I’ll give you an example. If I said, “Little shameless plug here, “I have another YouTube channel, “that’s even bigger than this one, “where I do videos every week “and live streams where I help people learn English,” because I am promoting myself, we would call that a shameless plug. By the way, that’s true, if you didn’t know, I do have another YouTube channel, and it is a little bit bigger. So, whenever you promote yourself, when you talk about yourself, or you talk about something you’ve done, because you want people to be impressed, we call it a shameless plug.


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The other phrase I wanted to look at today is the phrase, plug away. When you plug away at something, it means that you work at it slowly and carefully, until you get it done. So, when it’s really hot outside, and I don’t feel like doing jobs on the farm, I just get started on the job, and I just plug away until I’m done. So, when you plug away at something, it means you work at it slowly, and you work at it carefully.

And then let’s review a shameless plug is when you promote yourself. So let’s say I was on a television show, and I was being interviewed about a book I had written, and I wanted people to watch my YouTube videos. I could say, “Yes, I wrote this book, “it’s a really good book, I think, “but, a little shameless plug here, “I do have a YouTube channel as well.” So a shameless plug, is when you promote something you’ve done, in an unashamed way, where you just boldly promote it. And, when you plug away at something, it means you work at it slowly and carefully. On this YouTube channel, I’ve just been plugging away for over a year now, making short videos four times a week, and I’m not gonna stop anytime soon. I really, really enjoy making these.

Let’s look at a comment from a previous video. This comment is from Hasib Rahman, and Hasib says, “What’s the meaning of this expression? “This is or it’s so me, please provide some examples. “It’s so relatable, and it’s so me have the same meaning?” And then my reply is this, it means the person really likes the thing they have just seen, or are talking about. A good example would be, when someone sees a car, they really like, they could say, “I love this car, it’s so me.” This simply means the car really appeals to them, and they like it a lot. Sorry, it’s getting super windy out here, I hope the audio in the video is still good, but Hasib, thank you so much for that comment, that’s definitely how it works. If you really like something, and it really appeals to your personality, and it’s really something that you think is cool, you would say, “Oh, this is so me,” or, “It’s so me.” Red used minivans, like the one I drive, they’re so me. So you could see there in my description, that I’m saying that something I really like that appeals to my personality, is so me.

Storms that suddenly come up when I’m trying to make a video, are not me. In fact, let’s turn around for a sec, I’m not sure if you can see the sky behind me, but right now it’s starting to get a little bit dark, way back there behind that tree, and I’m afraid it might start raining anytime soon. But I need to talk for another 30 seconds, so the video’s long enough. So I’ll do that. When you say something is so me, it’s kind of a recent term, you can watch a YouTube video, and it could really talk to you, it could really speak to you, and you could say, “This YouTube video is so me. “This is so me, it’s appeals to me, “it’s talking about me, it’s just so me.”

Anyways, Bob the Canadian here, in a little bit of an upcoming storm I guess, hope you enjoyed this lesson, see you in a couple of days with another one.

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