Marianna Pascal shows how the secret to speaking a new language with confidence is all about attitude, not ability.

Marianna Pascal helps professionals achieve greater success in life by communicating effectively in English. Marianna began her career as an actor and performed across her native Canada in film television and on stage for 15 years. Today, Marianna improves the way employees relate to their bosses, clients, colleagues and other key stakeholders. Marianna is also the Official Communication Trainer for Miss Malaysia World.
An award-wining speaker, Marianna is known for her humorous speech on Youtube titled “Local English or Standard English” which has been seen by over a million people worldwide. Marianna is also the author of the best-selling book series English Fast & Easy. The most recent was #2 on Borders’ Best-Selling List for non-fiction.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at



  1. In Vietnam, education wants students to learn much grammar and vocal but not focus on pronunciation and speaking. So almost students cannot communicate with foreign people.

  2. Really awesome and useful. Almost the symptoms in the video I have got so I learned a lot from this video. Thank you so^n much!

  3. I am Chinese, the same as most of other chinese students. We have learn English for more than 10 years. But we still can't speak or write Englisn. Because we are afaid of mistakes.

    Now because of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, I can't go back to work. I have stay in hometown for 30 days. so I decided to catch this opportunity to improve my English reading and writing skills.

    Inspired by the Japanese friend, So I try to write down this words in English

  4. The video is inspiring!It's very useful for daily communication but not professional or scholarly scenes where grammar is significant.

  5. Hi everyone Which online game would you recommend to speak English?

  6. I doubt it, but, perhaps, she's acting as what she's (supposed to, advertises to) act when you know nothing/"bad" at something – such as English and speaking (her)…

  7. Learning English is probably a need.
    Learning to play the piano is a decision forced upon a minor by a tyrannical "parent".
    Bad comparison…

  8. "Good piano sounds like"…
    too "American" (USAian, of course, a third of North of America)

  9. "First of all" – meh…
    "Second of all" – huh?!?
    "Third of all" – I'm out of here!
    At least she didn't say: "speak English gooderly…" or "speak gooder English…"

  10. I guess if your native language isn't in any way (sound or grammar) similiar to the language you want to learn you can have a hard time learning it. So, I'm a native german speaker and I never had trouble with english, however, I especially have a hard time learning for example tonal languages or languages, where the grammar like doesn't resemble german/english grammar at all.

  11. one of the best speech i ve ever listen to , marianna was perfectly to communicate her idea with us , languages are not an art to be mastered , they re just a tools to us em to get results .

  12. This TED talk is astounding and I totally agree with what she says. Self confidence and clarity are everything you need to learn something new. Thumbs up!

  13. Really I watch over and over. When my desire to learn is broken immediatly, I am running this video and I am not giving up because of that video.

  14. Thank you so much for this video! In whole my life I am embaressed and afraid of speaking English. It's so hard for me to not focus on my mistakes and my strange pronunciation. But now I suppose I have enough courage to begin speak English thanks to this video!

  15. This is great. I haven't doubted when teacher from school teaching eng by forcing students to do many many annoying grammar ex. And that is not effective to me. My eng haven't been improved by this rubbish ex. This native speaker is great, she has been proved that, learning eng is not a hard thing, or we should not think it's a hard thing. Eng is just a tool for communication and no need to feel stressful when you are communicating using eng.

  16. Im in a similar situation . My house. Is between two houses they used DEW Weapons and targeted me to make me look guilty. They sent false mental messages to my mind , so they input false information to prove they were correct. It was done in an illegal way, in a terroristic manner with real threats . Both sides were wrong . That cant be considered science nor research . Thats illegal cheating . 5514 1/2 S San Pedro st los angeles 90011
    A collection of illegaly obtained data through illegal and false pretenses . illegal science research and should be looked into .

  17. I'm a Korean and this video is quite relatable in some countries like mine and Japan, where perfectionism is prevalent in educational system. We should try to get more adventurous in terms of getting courage to speak and think in other languages if we really want to learn.

  18. Absolutely good idea and good speach also we need English as tool not as art which we must master it!!


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