Learning English – English at Work Series Trailer (Cutting Edge ESL)

A powerful series of 20 videos and comprehensive activities to help people to learn English. These ground-breaking Cutting Edge English at Work programs can be used in a wide range of language learning situations, in classroom and for self-study. The programs are built on serious language learning principles and methodology and, at the same time, the comic situations and events are designed to help teachers and students enjoy and have fun as they learn.

Learners enjoy the
• Amusing situations and entertaining characters
• Interesting conversations with authentic language
• Strong storylines and high quality production
• Practical graded activities

The Cutting Edge ESL Series package was designed by psychologist Eve Ash, linguistics expert Dr Fran Byrnes and features comedienne Erin Brown, Emmy Award winner Kim Estes, and a team of talented performers from the Cutting Communication Comedy Series. Shot in LA.

Simple English Series http://bit.ly/2PxEVeV
Watch Simple English Series Trailer https://youtu.be/HQnC1AqwplM

Basic English Series http://bit.ly/2P0Kp4V
Watch Basic English Series Trailer https://youtu.be/X-FmXo7ccbw

English at Work Series http://bit.ly/2NIGYuI
Watch English at Work Series Trailer https://youtu.be/Q3XB_VidJww

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