Let's Learn English at the Grocery Store (Supermarket) | English Video with Subtitles

Let's Learn English at the Grocery Store (Supermarket) | English Video with Subtitles

Today I thought it was time to take you somewhere else to learn English!

In this video I take you to the supermarket, or as we say in English more often, the grocery store, and take you through each section.

This is a great way to continue to improve your English and I had a lot of fun doing it and I plan to do more videos like this.

Note: It is much harder to make a video in a place where there are people so you’ll notice I’m quite nervous!


⌛ Remember: Always watch the video three times. Twice today, and once tomorrow to reinforce what you have learned!

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Hi Bob the Canadian here, let’s learn English at the grocery store!

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Well I was thinking the other day, I really haven’t taken any of you on a field trip. A field trip is when a teacher takes students somewhere outside of the classroom. Normally you would learn in a classroom, but sometimes the teacher will take students somewhere and that’s called a field trip. So today I thought we would go on a field trip to the supermarket or what we usually call in English the grocery store.

Let me get my keys!

So in English we generally use the term, “grocery store”. We don’t often use the term, “supermarket” I know supermarket is quite common in other languages, in French we say, “supermarché” but in English we don’t often say supermarket. It is an English word but we usually say grocery store.

And you could say for instance, “I have to stop at the grocery store.” You could say, “I need to pick up some groceries.” You could say, “I need to go to the grocery store.” And you could also say, “I need to go grocery shopping.” So that’s pretty common.

I need to get some food, so I’m going to go grocery shopping. So let’s head over there!

Well we made it, I’m at my local grocery store and I thought I would take you guys inside and we’ll look at each section of the grocery store and I’ll kind of tell you what the name of the section is, and some of the items that you can buy there. So let’s go on inside.

One of the first things we’re gonna need is a shopping cart otherwise known as a grocery cart. Let’s grab one from right here. Now we’re ready.

The very first section of the grocery store that you’ll see, especially in a Canadian grocery store is the produce section. So the produce section is the section where you’ll find fruits, the kinds of things that grow on trees like apples, oranges, bananas.

By the way if you are from a country that produces bananas just a big, “THANK YOU!” from me I love bananas. I eat one everyday.

But yeah you can see the sign up here we’re in the produce section so you’re gonna find a lot of fruit. You’re also gonna find a lot of vegetables.

You’re gonna find things like carrots and cucumbers and broccoli and those kinds of things. So first section you usually see – the produce section. Lots of fruits. Lots of vegetables.

Let’s move on to the deli section.

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