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Let's Learn English During an Ice Storm! English Phrases with the Word "ICE"

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Let’s learn English outside during an ice storm! In this English lesson I will take you outside with me and teach you some English words and phrases that have the word “ice” in them and I’ll do it while we also learn about ice storms and freezing rain!

We were having an ice storm here in my part of Canada so I thought this would be a great opportunity to teach an English lesson all about it!

In this video you’ll get to learn the meaning of English phrases like, “a sheet of ice”, “cold as ice”, “break the ice” and many more!

I know not many of you that are learning English live in countries that have ice and snow, so I’m happy to show you a little bit about winter here in Canada!

I hope you enjoy this English lesson!

⌛ Remember: Always watch the video three times. Twice today with English subtitles on, and once tomorrow with the English subtitles off. This will reinforce the English you have learned!


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