Natural way of learning any language is by listening and talking. We have learnt our mother tongue not by any specialised study but by listening to the conversations of our elderly people and trying to talk like them.
Even an uneducated person can talk his own mother tongue fluently with out any grammar mistake.He has not gone to schools and colleges to learn thousands of words and many grammar rules. Given a sentence, he can’t locate where is subject, object and verb in it. Given a word , he can’t say whether it is a noun,pronoun, adjective,adverb,or what part of speech does it belong to. In spite of his total ignorance of any grammar rule, we can’t find any grammar mistake when he talks.
This is the power of Listen and learn technique.This technique doesn’t involve any specialised study of grammar. Grammar comes automatically in the very process of learning any language.
.So I advise you to adapt this ‘Listen And Learn’ technique’ to learn any language with in a short course of time.



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