LIVE on YouTube! Happy Expressions in English & 500 000 subscribers! 🌠

LIVE on YouTube! Happy Expressions in English & 500 000 subscribers! 🌠

Welcome to mmmEnglish! This is the FIRST EVER Live video Emma made on YouTube – to celebrate the mmmEnglish YouTube channel 500 000 SUBSCRIBERS!!


Learn some common English expressions to show that you are really happy and excited about something!

“I’m thrilled”
“I have to pinch myself” (about dreams, positive)
“Over the moon” (really happy / delighted)
“I can’t believe it!” (shocked – positive and negative)
“I’m blown away” (really impressed, surprised in a good way)

And these expressions are used more colloquially:
“I’m pumped!” (I’m really excited)
“You’re killing it!” (When used in this context, this odd expression actually means you’re doing really well!)

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