Lookup and Find the 2nd, 3rd, or the Nth Matching Value in Excel

When it comes to looking up data in Excel, there are two amazing functions that I often use – VLOOKUP and INDEX (often in conjunction with the MATCH function).

However, these formulas are designed to find the first instance of the lookup value.

But what if you want to lookup the second, third, fourth or the Nth matching value.

Well, it’s doable with a little bit extra work.

In this tutorial, I will show you various ways (with examples) on how to look up the second or Nth value in Excel.
— Using Helper Column
— Using Array Formula

Using helper column, you can create a unique lookup value. This can be done by appending the number of occurrence of a value in a list.

In this video, I explain using the employees and training done by them. You will learn how to find the first, second, or third training done by an employee using formulas (VLOOKUP and INDEX).

You can read more about it here + Example file: https://trumpexcel.com/lookup-second-value/

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