Loose or lose

Loose or lose

English On The Go: Loose or lose

What’s the difference between loose and lose? Are you lost when it comes to the differences between lose and loose? Don’t lose out! We explain the differences and provide some handy hints in this video.

1. Watch the video

  1. Watch the video without captions to test your listening.
  2. Then watch it with captions to check your understanding.

2. Activity

After the video, complete the following activity.

Fill in the blanks with loose, lose or lost.

1. I hope the hat’s not too ________________ for you?

2.Don’t _______________ hope. All is not _____________ yet.

3. Did you see a goose on the ______________? It must be ______________ and looking for its owner.

4. They don’t like to _______________ but you can’t always win either!

5. He likes to wear ______________ shirts most of the time.


Today’s English On The Go lesson is on loose and lose.

Loose is an adjective.

If something is loose, it means it’s not tight.

I threw the loose pants away.

If you loosen something, it can mean to make it less tight.

He loosened the harness.

Is your top tight?

Why don’t you loosen the straps?

To lose something can mean to not find it.

I lose my way whenever I get to the carpark.

To lose can also mean to fail.

If I don’t practise, I will lose the game.

Lost is the past form of ‘lose’. Here it’s a verb.

I lost my pen.

Lost can also be an adjective.

The lost boy was in tears.

Losing is the –ing form of lose.

I’m often losing things when I travel from one office to another.

Loss is a noun.

I’m really sorry for your loss.

She’ll need some time to get over the loss.

Here’s how you can remember the difference.

Remember this saying: You snooze, you lose.

This is a famous saying in English which means if you don’t pay attention and do something quickly, you will lose out.

Loose rhymes with goose.

Remember the sentence a goose on the loose.

Answers to activity:

1. I hope the hat’s not too loose for you?

2.Don’t lose hope. All is not lost yet.

3. Did you see a goose on the loose? It must be lost and looking for its owner.

4. They don’t like to lose but you can’t always win either!

5. He likes to wear loose shirts most of the time.


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