Sometimes, it can be pretty hard to tell whether something is “made from” or “made of” or even “made out from”. Let’s look at the explanation:

We use MADE FROM when we talk about how something is produced. The material it has been made from cannot be seen because it has been changed.

This cake was made from egg whites.

Cheese is made from milk.

Something is MADE OF when its material hasn’t been significantly changed. We can still see it in the object.

This shirt is made of cotton.

This ring is made of gold.

The house is made of logs.

However, when something was changed from one thing into another, we can say that it was MADE OUT OF:

Her bag is made out of plastic bottles.

Today, fridge parts are made out of recycled materials.

Finally, we usually use MADE WITH to talk about the ingredients contained in foods and drinks:

Bread is made with flour and water.

The cocktail was made with gin and tonic.


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