Mango surplus in the Philippines: News Review

The story

If you’re a mango lover you might consider this a good problem to have, but for farmers in the Philippines, two million kilograms of surplus mangoes have sent prices plummeting and it’s slashed their income. The government, meanwhile, is trying to make sure that surplus mangoes don’t rot, by encouraging people to buy more and cook more.


get rid of
dispose of, throw away
• Can you please get rid of all your old clothes? There’s no space in the wardrobe!
• I got rid of my old car as soon as I had enough money for a new one.

golden opportunity
excellent chance to do something
• The government is open to investment. It’s a golden opportunity for business!
• The foreign exchange programme is a golden opportunity to learn another language!

sell like hotcakes
sell quickly due to popularity
• Make sure you apply for World Cup tickets early. They sell like hotcakes!
• Business is going well. We’re selling insurance policies like hotcakes!

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