MilTan Common Words 063 | Happy learning English just for watching video images!

Let’s learn English words easily while having fun!
This one minute TV Program gives you images of English words every 10 seconds, includes instruction in spell and pronunciation.
So you can memorize images of English words just for watching video.

To speak foreign language is most important not to translate in your native language(Chinese, Hindu, Spanish, Arabic, Bengali, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, French, German, etc).
You have to remember images of words without your native language.

It is said that many things imprint in your memory while sleeping. We recommend you watching this TV program before going to sleep everyday.
Also as best study tips if you get used to words you speak out it in advance of narration.
Please let us know if there are any inappropriate expression or you have any comments.

Vocabulary List
・wait [Verbs]
・tiny [Adjectives]
・breakfast [Nouns]
・smile [Verbs]
・dirty [Adjectives]
・pizza [Nouns]

You can memorize 60 words of 3000 most common words in English for only 10 minutes.

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英単語のイメージを観て覚えるテレビ『MilTan みるたん』







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