Do you travel for fun or for business? If yes, you’ve probably noticed how much travel has changed over the last 10 years and that means our language has changed as well. Sometimes you might feel stuck looking for the right words to use for modern travel needs. So let’s get a closer look at the modern travel English you need to know.

Here are just a few things that are new-ish in travel:

✨Security checks at airports take longer and can be stressful but at least we have better in-flight entertainment
✨We want free WIFI so we can use email, social media, and map apps anywhere we go
✨In addition to hotels and resorts, we can also rent someone’s home or apartment or we can house sit for our vacation
✨We can review menus online and use restaurant apps to find the best local, authentic cuisine or just get something delivered to our vacation apartment

In today’s Confident English lesson, you’ll learn what to say for airline travel, dealing with wifi, staying in touch with people you meet, and more.

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❞I feel that it is specialized for shy people, or maybe people that feel they are stuck. Annemarie has the tools to improve it. — Monica, Colombia

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Common Questions:
? Where are you from? I’m from the United States but I’ve also lived in Pakistan, the Czech Republic, Germany, and France.
❓Do you speak another language? I do! French. ??
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I’m so glad you’re still reading. I want to tell you one important thing—English fluency and confidence are 100% possible for you, even if you feel shy, frustrated, and stuck.

With Speak Confident English, I share strategies, skills, and resources so you can get the English fluency and confidence you need to:

✨Have conversations, get the job you want
✨Share your opinions in a business meeting
✨Make friends easily and start a conversation with anyone in English
✨Go to the grocery store without stress
✨Feel comfortable with any situation—in English.




  1. I remember my first travel experienced in US. I have a little English, its pretty scary but I'm thankful i reached to my destination.

  2. I learned a lot from you, especially today's information that you gave us will be very useful for me in couple months. Also, if you add some tips about how to speaking confident English when you cruising will be even better.? Thank you so much!?

  3. I'd like to leave a comment on how inefficient, how inoperative some school books are, causing frustration and making it hard for learners to persevere and to love their learning process. Thank you for keeping us updated and interested in fresh, current vocabulary and culture.

  4. Great advices! I loooove this video..Thank you. I will be travelling soon to Madrid on honeymoon 🙂

  5. Your lessons are great and you’re so inspiring. Thank you!❤️❤️

  6. Personnally I think that the best video to see when travelling by air is one of AnneMarie’s English lessons.

  7. thank you for your lesson, could you please explain the sentence " drop a pin"?

  8. I really learn lots of things from you. Additionally, I learn how to behave politely from you. Thank you so much for your efforts.

  9. Very helpful topic I learnt a lot from this lesson. Thank you have a nice day.

  10. Anne Marie, thank you so much for this video. I'm going to travel to Australia next January. I think this video is going to help me a lot.
    God bless you ?.

  11. It's wonderful learning english with you…i definitely recommend your videos to my friends and collefues…thanks a lot and appreciate your efforts???

  12. I loved your lesson, Ms Anne. I arrived from Norway yesterday. And I am planning a new trip to
    Helsinki next year. I need your help much for me to get by at transportation, eating, purchase, tours etc.
    Thank you. Walmir (Brazil).

  13. I wanted to say how much I appreciate your online teaching.

  14. Great! I would like to learn English with a teacher and travel at the same time, not sit in the classroom. Do you have a way to do this now?

  15. Yes, I have an international travel experience.
    I remember, my first international trip. Is unforgettable. I traveled from Europe to the USA. My flight had two stops. The first flight was great. After that, I waited 8 hours for the next connection flight. When I was at the gate for check-in, the customer service representative announced that the Airline has some changes ( they sold much more tickets than seats ..something like that). When my ID and my ticket were checked, the lady announced me out of the blue that I will travel at the first class because they put someone else on my seat.Was their mistake. So , I was rewarded..with first class. The flight was awesome…!!! In my mind, I thought ..all my future flights will be the same ? I think it was , like Americans says " one time deal " !! Always, I will remember my first flight!

  16. You are an great teacher, Can I take personalized classes with you? I am really interested.

  17. YOU are just fantastic teacher I am so impressed being also the teacher.

  18. Hi, I regularly hear your podcast and like them a lot. I like so much the way you teach English. You make the English so motivating. Finally, let me say that you are a pretty woman. Thanks for your work!

  19. Hiii, I love the way how you teach! I am in Australia and it’s very common Uber Eats everywhere.

  20. I remember my trip to Finland last year, where my daughter has been living there for nearly eight years. by that time, my spoken English was awful ,I can't speak even a simple conversation in a restaurant. I was really sad about it. But now, I have got more confident after watching your teaching video from YouTube channel, it's very helpful and practical for me, thank you so much, I will follow your lessons constantly.


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