Never speak English fast, it will have a negative effect.
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Let me explain why you should never speak English fast and tell you how you can work on sounding confident and fluent instead.

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For those of you who are new to this channel my name is Anna English. I am British, therefore I teach British English, though you will find some videos here that look at the differences between British English and American English. The best way to make use of this channel is to go to the home page, click on the videos tab and browse through the hundreds of available lessons. If you would like to be notified when I broadcast live and release new videos then please turn on notifications by clicking on the bell icon.

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  1. No problem I'm from the Southern United States I speak so slow you'll probably fall asleep before I finish the sentence… On a really hot day I might not even bother to finish the sentence?

  2. WOW! I love this teaching style so much. I'll have to try it with my students. Keep up the good work!

  3. I am from India,,I am trying to speak slowly,,, your all video is very helpful for us,,,,I am big fan of you ??

  4. This video really hits in/on the nail …And the examples of speakers are very well chosen

  5. Ana, could you please send me some resources with reading and listening?
    If you could the I will write my email address.

  6. I almost threw up when I heard Obama's voice and accent. I cba of american accent. lol

  7. I have just subscribed to your channel,I found it very useful and I appreciate your passion about teaching. I wish I could have a teacher like you when I started learning English few years ago.

  8. Mam I am from India and I am big fan of your videos. Mam I am a school student so can you please tell me which English dictionary most best book for me as a beginner student…….

  9. Im from moroco and im looking for someone who speak english. I will teach him or her arabic and I want her ti teach me english. If you are interested

  10. Most of learners are really slow down when they are talking(speaking fast is excellent). Obviously English is faster spoken language. In reality speaking fast is about the tongue flexibility and agility.

  11. If you didn't emphasized on showing your boob and reveal your neck and breast parts of body, you could be a selected teacher.?

  12. I hate British pronunciation because not articulating words in an understandable way.

  13. Charming perfect English teacher with beautiful British accent asmr

  14. My goal is just speak the way everybody understand what I’m saying no matter what accent I have. I loved England accent and watching you I’ll try to speak like and native from UK. Thanks for your channel. Greetings from Dominican Republic.

  15. As a spaniard and a spanish native speaker, it's just impossible for me to speak slowly in my language or in any other language. I'm sorry.

  16. No, those speakers don't speak slowly, they speak quickly, but with rhythm and stressing certain words. Most learners speak every word with equal beat, so when they speak quickly it becomes a jumble. English is not a language where you enunciate every word, it is a language where you speak the stressed words properly and flow through the unstressed words. I don't know if you speak other languages, but it is unlikely you actually hear English in the same way that a non-native speaker hears it. What to you feels not fast actually is fast. Even when you are talking in this video most of your words are actually spoken pretty fast, you are just enunciating key words. Back to the examples you showed at the beginning, if you went down to the local and started speaking like that, most people would find you a bit odd, that's not how normal people speak to one another, which is quite obvious, because they are giving speaches, not having a conversation. Most learners are not learning to give speeches, they are learning regular conversational skills.

  17. I'm use to speak very fast on my native language (French ??) so I tend to do the same in English

  18. I started speaking fast to sound more intelligent. Didn't work, but I do sound like an idiot in a hurry

  19. Mam, l can understand objects what they are saying to me but I can't express my words from my tongue so plz tell me what I should do…

  20. Good morning Anna,it's my first time to watch that video and I thank you deeply for such a motivational one??

  21. I've been told to have a soothing voice… I speak slowly in both Italian and English and a couple of times I've been asked to read bed time stories… through skype to grown ups, lol. I guess I should speed up a bit.

  22. I find too often the natives do speak far too fast….don't they?

  23. Hi, I can speak English but I don't understand if I anyone speaks with me. What can I do ?


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