Possessives Adjectives

Possessives Adjectives
Possessives Adjectives

Level: beginner

Possessives Adjectives

Subject Object Possessive adjective
I me my 
you you your
he him his
she her her
it it its
we us our
they them their

We use possessive adjectives:

  • to show something belongs to somebody:

That’s our house.
My car is very old.

  • for relations and friends:

My mother is a doctor.
How old is your sister?

  • for parts of the body:

He’s broken his arm.
She’s washing her hair.
I need to clean my teeth.

Be careful!
The possessive adjective its does not have an apostrophe (‘):

That bird has broken its (NOT it’swing.

(it always means it is or it has.)


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