prepositions – exercises

  1. You can see a small shop  the corner.
  2. It’s a small village. You probably won’t find it  your map.
  3. Paris lies  the River Seine.
  4. My office is  the first floor. It’s  the left after you come out of the elevator.
  5. Henry will be retiring from his job  two years time.
  6. The price of food has gone up  October.
  7. If the sky is clear you can see the stars  night.
  8. Many European cathedrals were built  the Middle Ages.
  9. The first man walked  the moon in 1969.
  10. I always look up  the stars  the sky.


  1. I heard the news  the radio.
  2. The cat is playing with the ball  the corner of the room.
  3. There are usually many parties  New Years’ Eve.
  4. You must hurry, we have to go  five minutes.
  5. It’s difficult if everybody speaks  the same time.
  6. Is there anything interesting  the paper today ?
  7. I always like to sit  the front of the car, not  the back seat.
  8. We travelled the whole night through and arrived  5  the morning.
  9. After working hard during the day I like to relax  the evening.
  10. Jenny’s dad is an engineer but he is out of work  the moment.


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