In this video I taught the another way of making present continuous tenses, Make new English sentences with a new way.

Best for English Speaking students

Job Interview video part 1 :

Self introduction for job interview :

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• Mr. Sartaz born in Delhi, India is the founder of Sartaz Classes™. An Accent, Language and Personality Development trainer and Educator. Got masters in English in 2017 and having a high grip over Grammar.
• He makes his own teaching methods with funny tricks to make people memories the concept easly. He started a YouTube channal “Sartaz Sir Ki Class” to spread his researched teaching skills and educate the students who can’t afford the high amount of fees.
•Mr. Sartaz has been awared by many NGOs in Delhi NCR, He was awared the Silver award from YouTube India in 2018 November, Didn’t stop here, Mr. Sartaz was again awared by YouTube India with a Gold Award in 2019 June.

•He has taught over 2 laces students of University of Delhi and Indira Gandhi National Open University persuing Bachelors , Masters etc.

•Today he is known among the best educators in India and best Spoken English trainer in North East Delhi.

•He is a YouTube sensation and a public figure, His channel on YouTube is crossing a milestone each and every day. He has a big audience from India as well as the 12 other countries beyond the sea. His channel is about to touch the 1.5 million subscribers and under the B category on Social Blade. He is active on other several social media platform with huge audience


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