Present Perfect Tense | Simple or Continuous? | FOR & SINCE 馃

In this lesson, we’ll fix some common grammar mistakes made by English students when using the present perfect tense!

1. When should I use the present perfect simple and when should I use the present perfect continuous? [01:28]

2. When do I use ‘since’ and ‘for’? [07:37]

These are both really important questions when you are using the perfect tenses in English! And this video lesson will answer BOTH of them!

Later in the lesson, I’ll also show you how to use ‘for’ and ‘since’ with the present perfect tenses. Both of these words explain how long something has been happening. So, when you want to give more information about the amount of time that an action has been happening for – the duration of the action – you can use FOR or SINCE.

Use FOR with a period of time.
Use SINCE with a specific point in time.

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