Pronunciation practice: VOA learning English News

This is the VOA special English Education Report. Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Some of you shared your goals at the VOA learning English page on Facebook. And, no surprise, many of you said at least one of your goals for twenty-twelve is to speak English better. Daniel Kwon even went so far as to declare. I’m definitely going to try to study English at least an hour a day. Jose Antonio Velarde: My first resolution is to be a better person. Juwita Zulmi says she wants to improve her English and get a scholarship to study overseas. Another goal for twenty- twelve: a new boyfriend. Derly Johnana Barreto has these resolution: to speak English fluently and to get a job. Jiseon Kim also has two goals, to lose weight and improve speaking English. And Katie Chekalina has these resolution. Don’t eat meat. I’ll take it easy. Then, to learn Spanish or Italian, and find my real love. The last one will be the most difficult, she thinks. Thanks for your listening and reading!!! Please, give me some advice!!!


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