quantifiers – exercises

Some or any?

Kate:  Do you have  brothers or sisters?
John:  No, I don’t, but I have  cousins that love me like a real brother!
Mark:  Are there  cinemas in this city? I really want to go to the movies!
Lisa:   No, there aren’t. But I have  movies at home if you want!
Rachel: I have  cereal every morning, it is good for my health.
Derek:  I hate cereal!
Mary:  Do you have  idea of how to do this exercise?
Peter: No, I have no idea, but my mum gave  books to study, maybe the answer is there!
Amy:  Can you give me  of your posters? You have a lot of them!
Claire: No, they are all mine. I can’t give you  poster! But I can give you  old magazines I have…
Amy: No, thanks. You are so selfish…

A little or a few?

1. Julia ate  rice, she wasn’t very hungry.
2. Mike ate  chips, he wasn’t very hungry.
3. I have  cousins that speak French, the rest of them only speak English.
4. She found  cookies under her bed.
5. I need  water to feel better, that’s all.
6. I want to save  money to buy a present for my mother.
7. Robert gave me  coins to buy a sweater, it is not enough!
8. Ashley needs  sugar for the cake!
9. My dad says that I have to learn  words in German, because we are going there for holidays.
10. Peter saw  girls running across the field.
Much or many?
1. There are  students who want to work in our school.
2. Claire has  brothers but only one sister.
3. I don’t have  time, I can’t wait for you.
4. Tom works  hours every day, that is why he is always tired.
5. Lisa doesn’t drink  water when she eats.
6. They have  rooms in their house, it is very very big.
7. How  apples did you buy?
8. How  money do you have to buy the TV?
9. People don’t write  letters nowadays, they use e-mails instead.
10. I think it is too  salt for my taste.
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