Real English For Gamers – Learn English From Gaming News (News For Gamers)

Real English For Gamers - Learn English From Gaming News (News For Gamers)
Real English For Gamers Learn English From Gaming News

There is so much going on in the video gaming world that you really need to visit gaming news sites to keep up to date. Here are 5 good ones. This is also excellent listening practice.

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Video Loops From Videezy ►
Doodly For Whiteboard Scenes ►

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Original Video
GameSpot News ►
Inside Gaming ►
Gameranx ►
Bellular News ►
Pretty Good Gaming ►

GameSpot News’ YouTube Channel ►
Inside Gaming’s YouTube Channel ►
Gameranx’s YouTube Channel ►
Bellular News’ YouTube Channel ►
Pretty Good Gaming’s YouTube Channel ►

Other Channels That Didn’t Make It Into This Video (but you still may enjoy their content)
Upper Echelon Gamers’ YouTube Channel ►
Bellular Gaming’s YouTube Channel ►
YongYea’s YouTube Channel ►
LevelCapGaming’s YouTube Channel ►
(Thai) Gaming News ►

Clips ► (Credited in the video wherever possible, report in the comments if incorrect)


*DISCLAIMER* The clips chosen were edited and annotated for educational purposes and, as such, clearly, fall under fair use provisions of copyright law. One of the main purposes of ‘Real English for Gamers’ is to give English learners exposure to a wide variety of native speaker accents and speaking styles through the use of online gaming videos and clips featuring popular streamers and pro gamers from around the world. As such, we are using hundreds of short (15 seconds to 5 minutes) clips from game-related YouTube videos. Wherever possible, we credit the content provider and, in many cases, encourage learners to check out the original video and the channel that hosts it. We consider ourselves successful if learners go off on their own, using what they have learned to join multiplayer games in English and to improve their play through English language videos. We take no credit from the streamers/hosts/videos shown but would like to instead highlight the clip for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES for eager and enthusiastic learners.


Please report any abuse, racism or rude comments. Let’s keep it clean everyone! If you would like to ask us any questions or give us any feedback, please do so in the comments!


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