Do native English speakers really make better teachers? There’s a lot of controversy surrounding this topic called native-speakerism and so we discuss the advantages of having a non-native English teacher as well as the advantages of having a native English teacher. It really goes beyond just having English as a first language and we hope that this podcast would help you to make an informed decision when choosing your teacher.

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  • Native English teachers vs Non-native English teachers
  • Native Speakerism
  • What makes a good teacher?

Words You’ll Learn:

  • Spell-check
  • Debunk
  • Corridor
  • A means to an end
  • Get one’s elbows dirty
  • Build rapport

Quick Definitions:

  • Give credit where credit is due: this is an expression that means that you should praise someone who deserves it
  • “Psychological trigger: something that causes someone to feel in a certain way or to do something.
  • “Some people believe that natives are a magic bullet: something that works as a magic solution to a problem, often involving little or no effort at all.
  • “…give you the English language spoon-fed”: If something is spoon-fed to you, it’s given to you and you don’t have to make an effort to get it, earn it, learn it, etc.
  • Take something with a grain of salt: to regard something as exaggerated; believe only part of something.
  • “That’s something that kind of sours people to learning with non-natives”: to become, or cause to become, less pleasant, friendly, or successful.
  • “Do they light up when they’re telling that story?”: to look happy.
  • “It boils down to what you want to achieve?”: to reduce information, usually so that it contains only its most important parts.

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