Review of Level 2 Lessons 21-25

For Fun – ‘Bloopers’

Do you like to laugh? We do, too!

Sometimes we make mistakes when we are filming Let’s Learn English. This week’s video shows you that everyone makes mistakes. Anna and friends make mistakes, or ‘bloopers,’ and laugh about them. Enjoy the video!

And, don’t forget to let us know what you think of Level 2. We’d love to hear from you!​

Review of Lessons 21-25

You’re getting close to finishing Level 2. Good job! Now, let’s review lessons 21-25. Watch each video and then take the review quiz below.

Lesson 21: Trash to Treasure, Part 1

Grammar focus: speak and talk

Topics: trying something new

Lesson 22: Trash to Treasure, Part 2

Grammar focus: tell and say

Topics: making mistakes; failing and moving on

Lesson 23: Rock Star

Grammar focus: future continuous

Topics: telling someone about future plans​

Lesson 24: I Feel Super!

Grammar focus: had better; would rather​

Topics: ​giving warnings; giving advice

Lesson 25: Only Human

Grammar focus: past perfect continuous

Topics: giving help

Listening Quiz

See how well you understand the latest lessons by taking a listening quiz. Play each short video, then choose the best answer.

Quiz – Review of Lessons 21-25

Quiz - Review of Lessons 21-25

Start the Quiz to find out

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