Riveting – English Vocabulary Lesson # 120 – Free Spoken English lesson

Sometimes you are so engrossed in something that you don’t know what is happening around you.
The word ‘riveting’ basically means that something which is engrossing and capable of holding one’s full attention.
When something is extremely interesting and fascinating, it grabs your attention. This means that it is riveting.
Just because something is riveting, doesn’t always mean it is good. Sometimes, horrifying things can be riveting as well.
For example, you watch daily television soap as you find it very fascinating. You are glue to your television with undivided attention. The soap has the capability of holding your complete attention. It means that the soap is riveting.
When there is an accident on the road, you stop to see and know what happened. It grabs your attention. It means that it was riveting.
‘Riveting’ is an adjective, it describes something of being fascinating. ‘Rivet’ is a verb that describes holding someone’s attention. ‘Riveted’ is its past and past participle form.
Example 01: Kevin can’t focus on his work as he is riveted by his secretary.
Example 02: Little John was riveted by the fishes in the tank.
Example 03: Melissa and Sean are famous for their riveting acrobats.
Example 04: Being her first journey on the aircraft, Lisa had a very riveting experience.
Example 05: The lecturer wasn’t riveting enough to keep the students interested.
Example 06: Every morning, Thomas looks forward to reading something riveting in the newspaper.
Example 07: Even though the star cast was great, the people were bored as they didn’t find the movie riveting enough.
Example 08: Jessica thinks for long hours to write a riveting essay for her assignment.
Example 09: Linda was so riveted by her new phone that it distracted her attention while driving.
Example 10: The spectators kept cheering throughout the riveting match.

What do you find riveting; and why?
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