Second Conditional Sentences + Examples | English Grammar Lesson

Let’s study 2nd Conditional sentences! I’ll explain how we use the Second Conditional & help you practice with examples and exercises!
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38 thoughts on “Second Conditional Sentences + Examples | English Grammar Lesson

  1. VI價值投資者 says:

    For the contracted form of would, such as I'd, as a non-native speaker I find it quite difficult to hear clearly in conversations.
    Do native speakers have the same situations as me?

  2. Ivo Silveira says:

    Hi Emma
    It seems to me the way you Australians speak english it's the easiest for me a Brazilian student to comprehend !
    I could be a fluent speaker if I wasn't so lazy !

  3. Jubin abraham ambattu says:

    If I were there ,it would not happen to you.
    If I had enough money, I would buy a ferrari.
    If I lived in Australia,I would have made my English language better.
    If I were your boss,I would not let u go home early.
    If you could tell me the truth,I would have helped you earlier.
    If she did not go there ,it would not happen to her.
    If I had wings ,I would have flown all over the globe.

  4. abud says:

    Hi Emma, by focusing on grammar rules and sentence structure, your students can improve and increase their fluency in English. Thanks for uploading new video, keep it up.

  5. ぴかちゃん says:

    Thank you for your wonderful video!

  6. Abdulwahab Bello says:

    1. We would buy a house if we decided to stay here

    2. I would ask my parents for a loan if I were you

    3. If you asked me to send it, I would do it immediately

    4. I would take you with me if you decided to travel

    5. If he were rich, he would pay Emma a visit in Australia

  7. Sudheer Nune says:

    Nice explaination Emma ?… The comma rule was fantastic and catchable for me.. thank you ? how are you and the situation in in India we are in lockdown situation..still unknown about the exact situation..only God can help us and the world

  8. Shiva says:

    If I had enough money and if you were willing to teach me English , I would have come to you and learned Spoken English from you in person… ♥️but only after corona .


    Thank you Emma. You're lectures very important and pretty good to any stage. I hope to make us videos more and more about sounds . How we can change any word from ordinary spelling to transcription IpA .I hope you good luck and enjoy in your life. In Arabic (انمنى لك السعادة).

  10. Jamal Al Zubaidi says:

    I think it's advisable to use were instead of was in this type.
    If I were you, I would invite her.

  11. Each Other says:

    if + present simple = present simple ( zero)
    if +present simple = will +verb inf (1st)
    if +past simple = would +past simple (2nd)
    if +past perfect = would + have + verb in past participle (3rd) nice video

  12. Kiran Preet says:

    If i could travel to any country, i would go to emma’s country to meet her and to have a conversation with her to improve my english bcz she is wonderful❣️?

  13. Shoba Rincy says:

    Thank you so much Emma….. For your useful lesson. It was an interesting lesson for me…. I'm expecting like this. Love you Ma'am….. Love from India…….

  14. Raouf Allani says:

    excellent Lesson -thank so much – you are good teacher – Raouf allani – from Tunisia

  15. Himmat Singh says:

    1. We would buy a house if we decided to stay here.
    2. I would ask my parents for a loan if I were you.
    3. If you asked me to go for a walk I would accept it.
    4.I would take you with me If you obeyed my order.
    5. If he accepted the proposal he wouldn't regret it.

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