Sentence correction| Correction of sentence |English basic grammar| Part 1

In this lesson you are going to learn sentence correction . By this lesson you will learn correction of sentence. In order to improve your English basic grammar skills , keep watching till the last. In today’s lesson you will learn sentence correction for BCS, Bank job, varsity admission test or any competitive job interview. Besides, if you want to learn advanced level English you need to know correction of sentence perfectly. This lesson will be helpful for BCS, Bank job, varsity admisson test or any competitive job interview.
With a view to learning English language , you have to have good common on this grammar lesson.On the other hand, to learn sentence correction perfectly, you have to know Right forms of verbs, with clue, without clue, fill in the gaps etc correctly. So, see the following sentence correction carefully.

Incorrect : No bus and no train were seen .
Correct : No bus and no train was seen.
Incorrect: One of them are going to London.
Correct : One of them is going to London.
Incorrect: Neither of the girls were beautiful.
Correct : Neither of the girls was beautiful.
Incorrect: Each boys and girls have got five hundred taka.
Correct : Each boys and girls has got five hundred taka.
Incorrect: Either of the pen will do.
Correct : Either of the pens will do.
Incorrect: I, you and he are benefited.
Correct : You, he and I are benefited.
Incorrect: I, you and he will go to Dhaka tomorrow.
Correct : He, you and I will go to Dhaka tomorrow.
Incorrect: You, he and I are guilty.
Correct : I, you and he are guilty.
Incorrect: I, you and he did the work attentively.
Correct : You , he and I did the work attentively.
Incorrect: You, he and I are responsible in this regard.
Correct : I , you and he are responsible in this regard.

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