Learn Spanish Easily Using Binaural Beats! (Headphones recommended) This audio features 50 key Spanish words and phrases.

To use, simply listen to this video with headphones on, Just before you are going to sleep, whilst you are awake repeat the Spanish phrases in your head, and remain focussed on these words and meanings as you drift slowly off to sleep. Your subconscious mind will then do the rest. The brain does have the ability to absorb information whilst your asleep, as you may no from experience when real sounds from reality have entered your dream and woke you up. This works under a similar principle however the binaural beats ensure you are not woken up and that it is only the learning part of your brain that is listening to the video.

How it works; the easiest way to understand how binaural beats could possibly make you learn a new language is to look at it like this. Your brain has an optimal frequency for learning, (when you are totally focussed and absorb information easily) your brain also has a frequency for understanding a new language, your brain also has a perfect frequency for remembering newly processed information and finally there is a frequency of the brain that allows your subconscious to absorb information whilst you sleep. When you then understand that binaural beats can put your brain at any frequency you want, it then becomes clear how this actually works. You are using binaural beats to basically get the most out of your brain.

Binaural Beats
Full Brainwave Entrainment
Theta Waves
Delta Waves
Theta 8.0 Hz
Delta 4.0 Hz
Delta 3.0 Hz
Enhanced Learning
Sleep Learning
Improved Language Retention
Improved Memory

These binaural beats are claimed to improve learning, encourage sleep learning, improve our ability to learn new languages and finally to improve memory and help process newly absorbed information. The combination of these 3 specific frequencies is hugely powerful. There are played in the correct order allowing for complete processing, understanding and most importantly memorising.

There are huge claims of results and benefits of listening to this audio, you must be wearing headphones, we have as always the highest quality HD binaural beats, and have extensively researched the affects of this frequency.

Any questions please post below and we will be happy to help.

Please remember first and foremost Theta/Delta waves are associated with sleep like states, so it is not advisable to use this video whilst driving.

Credits: “Light Awash” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0



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