Practice speaking English by listening to Eminem rap, trust me, there’s no English textbook that can do a better job than listening to natural English with directions for you to mimic it. You’re tired of sounding like a robot in English, you’re fed up with sounding like talking dictionary. Most importantly, you don’t want to keep sweating every time you open your mouth. Rap is full of rhymes and rhymes are very good for listening. Rap teaches you so much about English, it really helps you master the English sounds, the consonants and vowels, because of the repetition. It also helps you get the rhythm of English and how English native speakers speak naturally. I used sound symbols in the clip to help you know where the key rhymes are and red circles highlighting the stressed syllables. This clip is not only helpful for English learners, it’s also great for wanna-be rappers. If you look carefully at Eminem’s lyrics, you’ll see a genius at work, every word and every sentence is well thought out, every breath is calculated, and I’m the genius who can decode it :). If you’re a junior rapper and you’re trying to master the craft of rap, you kind of look up to Eminem and use his songs to practice, this clip will be a great resource for you. Feel free to share, like or comment. Ask questions if you like.



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