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  1. Amazing tips and lesson… You're a really good teacher. Well done.

  2. Well done teacher
    Gerry i want ur help our teacher ask us to make research about American Customs and which customs are dislike and like
    please help me

  3. I have no words to say how this class was so amazing. You made a very helpful job for all of us. Thank you for taking your time and giving this gift to us! I'd appreciate you if you made more videos like this!

  4. i feel that you are a lot of energy and enthusiastic for studying English. coming to Christmas day ,I wish you and your family are always healthy and lucky to dedicate your knowledge for society.

  5. Teacher,this video is very helpful.I mean I don't want to speak lika a native speaker but this video helps me to understand American movies,TV shows etc.BTW I think some words are-heard,backward,picture,injure,bare,spider……….


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