Speak English Like a Native! What makes native English speaking different? [20 Tips]

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Linguistically speaking, we have 20 differences between native and non-native English speakers. Speak English like a native! Learn more at

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Timestamp Video Guide:
0:40 – How to pre-register for the complete English course, Fluent Communication
1:18 Slang
1:43 Idioms
2:00 Proverbs
2:21 Phrasal Verbs
3:09 Indirect Requests
3:43 Sarcasm
4:01 Exaggeration / Hyperbole
4:32 Overuse of “Like” and “Actually”
4:57 Meaning of “Actually”
5:03 Intonation and Changing Meaning
5:29 Phrase-level Stress
6:00 Double Negatives
6:20 Tag Questions
6:36 Connected Speech
7:13 Cutting Off Words
7:30 Shortening Words
7:54 Yeah
8:11 No Prob
8:35 How’s it Going
9:10 Active Listening
9:47 Fillers
10:00 Sounding Like a Native English Speaker
10:17 How do you know when someone is a native English speaker?

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45 thoughts on “Speak English Like a Native! What makes native English speaking different? [20 Tips]

  1. Go Natural English says:

    This is an advanced English lesson, so ask me questions in the comments if anything is not 100% clear! I went pretty quickly through this points, but if you'd like to learn more with me, pre-register today for my complete English course (it's 100% online!) at https://gonaturalenglish.com/prereg for more information about how the course works, how to join, the price, and next registration dates. Have a great day!

  2. Bethania Moreira says:

    Hi Gabby , it's Me again 😂

    I'm studying by this super pumped video and I told you on my last comment that I would come back here with some doubts , and I also told that it would take Me a long time , and it really took but I didn't finish it yet 😂. 🐢, I'm tasting this lesson , catching all the details etc …

    Gabby , today I stopped coping the number 09 , tomorrow I'll begin on 10th , ok

    My doubts are Number 2 and 8

    SEE EYE TO EYE , if you hadn't said its meaning which is agreeing on something , right ⁉️

    I would be completely lost Gabby , of course , I'm not a native English speaker but , with your explanation I totally understood but , when I looked this idiom , I thought that it'd be extremely confusing for us Brazilians because translating literally , it seems for us like your Face to Face , I don't know if I am going to get my explain to you what I'm trying to say but Gabby my doubts about this sentence remains LOL

    You used the example :

    I'm glad We SEE EYE TO EYE on this matter , right ⁉️

    Can I use it in another ways ? For example :

    1 ) Gabby , I SEE EYE TO EYE with you

    2 ) She totes SEES EYE TO EYE with her cousin …
    .3 ) Does He SEE EYE TO EYE with his girlfriend ?

    Gabby , I'm asking it to you because I've no idea if it's possible change the personal pronouns and it be kept right , understandable or these ways I used as example for you telling Me if it's acceptable , does it change ?

    Number 8 , this doubt I had in this one is even worst than the number 2 but Gabby , I didn't understand , why guilty ?

    I appreciated your recommendation , thanks by the way but ,
    Like and actually are fillers if I got the idea , and I think so , would it be because of its overuse of them ?

    I didn't catch the idea of the guilty , and Gabby , I'm just on the number 9 😂

    Gabby , I've been noticing that many of your Slangs , Idioms are seemed with ours , here in Brazil We use a lot I'm starving I would eat a horse , sometimes We just change the animal but the meaning is the same …

    I realized that I am an early bird but , the meaning isn't used the way I wanna say about myself ,

    I understood early bird for you is when people wake up so early and they've great chances to have a successful day , well succeed business , I wake up so early because it's my habit , but for nothing special , and I go to sleep late LOL

    There are tons of other things that you speak and I realized they're so similar to ours , ok Gabby , a lotta kisses for you 💋💋💋💋💋 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 Hugs and specially today because my Team won 5×0 so Gabby , Hi Five 🖐🏽 😂

  3. Baris Sinan says:

    I think the different stuff between native and non-native is comfortable when speak.

  4. יצחק שימונוב says:

    Hello Gabi my name is Izhak and I wanted to tell you Thanks for making this video I learned from you a lot and keep going in this way.
    I also have a question:can you make a video that show us how to improve the skill of speaking English in a conversation please ? it's pretty difficult to me and I will be very happy if you make this video.
    By the way you are the most beautiful woman in the world .

  5. Sultan Al-Mutiri says:

    Non-native English speakers make mistakes when they speak English for a long time. As well as the CPH says.

  6. Yalmar Ponce says:

    Actually, in order to understant to native english speakers, you need have a very very good vocabulary, probably you can understant people talking about your profession, because you know many things about that, and have a good vocabulary, but if you listen a talking of different topics, you maybe don't be able to understant nothing.

  7. Bethania Moreira says:

    Gabby , yes , you're right , there are some things I'll need your help to understand them , but , wait please , I'm still catching all my doubts LOL

    I repeat , this lesson is Sensational , I'm so impressed !

    Today I read this lesson Gabby on your Blog , took some notes , copied some observations and it was a huge learning for Me , for example

    Gabby , I never saw , read , heard , that thing , I think it's on the roll of the Proverbs , IF IT RAINS , IT POURS …

    I even don't know the meaning of the word Pour(s) I understood your explanation but , I wanna know the meaning of the word Pour , to understand the whole context , D'you know ?

    SNACK for an attractive Person or a friend is also a tremendous surprise , for Me it was just used as a kind of junk food or biscuits ,


    But Gabby , I'm not reading the subtitle yet , I read today at your blog until the number 5 where I stopped coping for today .

    Now I'm watching this AMAZING video again LOL , and when I finish the way I want studying this video , I'll be back here with my doubts , I'm lazy like a 🐢 turtle so , it's going to take Me some time HAHAHA

    I'm just telling it to you for you don't think I forgot this video ,

    And yes Gabby , I'm already looking forward to tomorrow , I can't wait to watch you , seeing you make my day ❤️

  8. Νικήτας Μακοπουλος says:

    It wasn't ever a big deal to determine whether a person is a native speaker or isn't. Firstly, it comes with an accent. People having a really high level of English speak with tough accent affected by their mother tongue. The problem is that they don't attempt to imitate exactly how natives pronounce words and sentences. They neglect actually the most important part of the language learning: accent and pronunciation.

  9. ABD Alameer says:

    Hi Gabby. I am A. M. Student from Iraq English Department I like ENGLISH language but some material so dificult especially linguistics how could I over come such dificulties I need your advice

  10. ABD Alameer says:

    Great go on Gabby would you please help me finding a text from a play or short story to make direct and in direct speech analysis. I am from Iraq till now I could not find simple text that I could analyze

  11. Gap P says:

    Wow , awesome Video .Thanks Gabby for sharing 😊

  12. Roberto Jeronimo says:

    Hi Gabby, I'm from Brazil (Recife) and I've been following your channel for quite a while. This video is one of the most useful ones. It was amazing. That's what we English students need: useful tips, not those robotic lessons we got around here in regular language schools. I really hope you keep making videos like this. See ya

  13. yakisoba says:

    I wish you are one of my lecturer in my college lol T^T thanks for this! This is SOOOO great!

  14. 호주머니 says:

    i just got some idea poped into. i have always felt what you saying in native speaking. but as english leaner we couldnt get in our owm sentence. so if you could make some video including some detail of each 20 point in this video ,it must be useful for all of english leaner to be like native

  15. wind talkers401 says:

    I'm proud of you my respectable teacher , i follow you from syria … All students in institute when I learn English love you .. I wish you all the best drar

  16. A Turkish man in the philippines says:

    You are really really English speaking talk to me when I watching your video l talk to you because you are my beautiful teacher thank you so much for your beautiful eyes and voice

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