Learn how to speak English like a native english speaker in this English lesson.

You will learn several useful expressions:

a rip-off
it’s up to you
can’t be bothered

For each English word and expression, you will learn the meaning and definition as well as the detailed explanation with example sentences.

This lesson was presented by Andrew, a qualified native British English teacher with over 10 years experience of teaching English.

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  1. I have found out this channel and I am pleasantly surprised because I think it will be interesting for my learning, thanks a lot.

  2. Sir/Ma'am
    1)work has to be done
    2)players have to be awarded
    3)the blub has to be changed
    4)the parcel must be sent
    These sentences are coming under 'passive infinite' or?
    Normally I know these meanings but I got confused when I saw
    ' passive infinitive'. Is this same?

  3. Thanks for lesson, You are appriciated. I have learned english pretty well but still I have a problem with some words which are very distinctive because there is not any meaning in turn.

    Would you mind explaining what does mean "Rather". (Please explain every meaning.)

    And again, I don't know how to thank because you are doing great job for learners which is the most beautiful thing ever exist…

  4. I can't watch the channel, with this "Clare". Only jane is acceptable.

  5. Stop, I've seen some people write "gonna", "wanna", "getta".

  6. As usually, I like your lesson because you speak slowly and clearly. Awesome, I understand you. I think you speak faster in real life?
    Thanks a lot for all Andrew and go on like that…

  7. Speak like a native from…There are hundreds of different native ways of speaking. This whole speak-like-a-native talk is nonsense. Not to mention that in many cases one should NEVER speak like a native. I am a native and I know many non-native speakers who speak better than many native speakers I know.

  8. I often watch your every single video and it's informative .I am really grateful to u .

  9. Andrew Why don't you read short stories and at the end you make some questions about it? Like a listening practice. ? Amazing video??

  10. Hi Andrew☺
    Really interesting and useful expressions for keeping an casual every day conversation ☺ thanks for your time☺ laurent from southwest of France ☺

  11. Thank you very much for your lessons. Could you please speak faster as you speak in your life?

  12. Hai Andrew,
    I'm shiny from India.
    What is the difference between OF and FROM?
    I have lots of confusion.
    Can you please upload the video ?

  13. What is the difference between plans and intentions? Could you please make more videos on British English expressions and English grammar?


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