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How good is your English? Do you know that there are many words and phrases that we use in Indian English which are incorrect? In this lesson you will learn the correct words and phrases that need to be used.

Video Script:

“Hello friends! Today we will learn the correct words and phrases for some common words incorrectly used in Indian English.
• The opposite of postpone is not prepone. It is “Advance”
• The phrase “out of station” is wrong. “Out of town” is the correct phrase.
• The word Revert cannot be used instead of respond. They have different meanings.
• When you’ve just finished college, you are a graduate, not a fresher.

• A teacher “gives an exam”, but it is the student who “Takes an exam”
• In e-mails, a better phrase to use in place of “do the needful” is, “Do what is necessary”
Let’s learn these phrases.

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