You can understand english and you can write it as well, even so can you speak it fluently? 

If you are making castle in the air that you can write english, so you will be able to speak it. Then you will have to blast you bubble now; there are many people who are brilliant writer, However they are not able to speak it. Frequently they get stuck, words don’t come in their mind. So it is totally a myth if you can write english language then you can speak it easily. 

It is not as easy as falling off a log. Spoken english is desparate from written english. I had been learning english, after fews months when i tried to speak i found out that i couldn’t speak english in such a way i could write it. I got annoyed i kept on thinking, What is the problem? So i figured out the problem why i couldn’t speak it.

1.When we write something in english so we have time to think that how to form a sentence and how to use advance vocabulary in our writing.

for instance; Here i am writing my post so i have suffice time to think that what should i write here to adorn my writing skill. But on the other hand; In speaking we don’t have time to think. We have to reply swiftly we can’t take enough time to think while speaking. 

2. Formal grammer structures are used frequently in written english whereas In spoken english, we use informal english expressions, slang words, idioms in order to sound more natural.

For example- If i have to write something then i would write ‘I was being asked by lots of people’ But if i have to speak it i would say ‘ Lots of people were asking me’ so you can see the glaring difference between them.

 Practise, practise and practise.

Yes, You can only improve you spoken english by practising there is no other way to become fluent in spoken english. You must have heard, Practice makes you perfect. Absolutely correct, The more you practise The more fluent you will be. Whenever you get a chance just grab it then and there and try to speak. When you start speaking and when you keep on speaking, you will get familiar with those things. And in future it will be effortless for you to speak anything in english.

Never afraid of making mistakes.

You don’t have to be strung out while start speaking. When you start speaking in english initially you get stuck, you will take dozens of pauses, words and sentences won’t come in you mind. Yet you have to perk yourself up in every moment. You will have doubts that people will criticize me, they will laugh at me, they will make fun of me. It’s fine it’s totally fine. People talk that’s their job. Take them as your supporter.

Speak english as much as you can.

Put yourself in difficult situations where you have to speak in only english. Speak with your family in spite of they can’t talk to you in english. Don’t rush your speech. Start speaking in a slow manner. Fluency doesn’t mean when you speak fast. Try to speak small sentences in starting. Use simple vocabulary in your conversation. Start speaking with everyone in english. Nothing is impossible all you have to do that just roll up your sleeves to fluent in spoken english.

We aren’t english native speakers. To be a FANTASTIC English speaker you meant to be focused on your speaking goal. Make it an exhilarating experience for you.

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