10 Questions to Start a Conversation in English

Get my favorites conversational questions in English and advice to start a conversation with anyone. Without stress or fear.

I’ll share easy to use conversational questions in English and some essential tips to use them with confidence.

These are the same questions I use when I meet someone new, when I need to make small talk, or when I haven’t seen someone for a long time.

They’re easy to use and polite. Find out what these questions are, why I love them, and how you can use them in the lesson.

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❞I feel that it is specialized for shy people, or maybe people that feel they are stuck. Annemarie has the tools to improve it. — Monica, Colombia

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Common Questions:
? Where are you from? I’m from the United States but I’ve also lived in Pakistan, the Czech Republic, Germany, and France.
❓Do you speak another language? I do! French. ??
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I’m so glad you’re still reading. I want to tell you one important thing—English fluency and confidence are 100% possible for you, even if you feel shy, frustrated, and stuck.

With Speak Confident English, I share strategies, skills, and resources so you can get the English fluency and confidence you need to:

✨Have conversations, get the job you want
✨Share your opinions in a business meeting
✨Make friends easily and start a conversation with anyone in English
✨Go to the grocery store without stress
✨Feel comfortable with any situation—in English.




  1. I usually enjoy watching your vedio for practice. thanks so much. okay.
    let me think…hm.. one of my favorite question is that " what is your impressed movie ever or favorite? I know this is so feel like range is a little bit wide but as much as feel like that I think that's more easier to start small talk than the other one. and also this is very common thing whoever can ask.

  2. Sometimes questions like "where are you from, you have this accent" makes me uncomfortable, they seem rude. I feel some belittling attitude in them. Maybe it is just my perception.

  3. It's so rare to come across someone capable of asking questions that are interesting to answer. That precious skill is not taught at school.

  4. Good evening teacher,
    I'm Rudra ma'am and I wanna speak fluent english like you ma'am but when I start to speak english, I have to face a lots of problem and I fail to do it. I don't know ma'am how I could fix these problem that is great and huge problem in my way. So teacher show me the way what I should do.
    Thank u so much.

  5. Thank you for your lessons. I understand everything what you say because you speak clearly

  6. For me my favorito question is where are you from originally? This is because I am always looking for someone who speak English to practice

  7. You are a wonderful English teacher, I really enjoy all the videos that you shared!

  8. Hi teacher, i watched so many your video, its so helpful and i very appreciated it. I really want to make a english friend help me improve my english skill. However i dont have anyone. Hope you will recommend for me this one personal who can talk with me and help me.

  9. I really enjoy each one of your videos. You are such as a fantastic teacher. I'm shearing your lesson thorough my social media. I feel Iike I am learning a lot of English with you. Thank you so much, once again for sharing. Blessings!!

  10. Hi Emery! I would love if you can make some advices about how answer interview questions with confidence. To perform well in a interview is being so hard for me.
    Thanks in advance!

  11. To have challange in english we must be a native w/this langiage. It is full of idioms, expressions, exceptions, etc. It is not a gift to learn this language.

  12. Hi Emarie, I hope I spelled your name correctly. I just wanted to say thank you for your lessons on speaking with confident in English. Even writing this sentence, I’m not sure if the grammar is correct because I don’t always know when and where to use my “S”. And also I’m a very bad reader because of that I don’t like reading because I do not understand what I read. If I read a story I may have only understand half of it if not less, I’m so ashamed of myself, its unbelievable. By the way, I’m from the Caribbean and I never had a chance to go to school because I lost both my parents at a very young age. I have been trying most of my life to read and write, I still have a long way to go.


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