Steps to think in English and speak English, and improve your English conversation to sound as well as a native.

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  1. I thank that your video are very important to me… But maybe sometime you speak so queckly

  2. it was wonderful good steps nice points my native language is Persian these points are so much true and exact and fantastic I try my best to implement these thank you
    You are really smart and so talented

  3. I will go to Switzerland in April and I probably will have to speak English there. So, yes, my comment is a sort of practicing of my skills. Thank you very much for your great lessons! 🙂

  4. I always think on giving up but i put myself up and telling myself you can do it, it wont be easy but it will worth it

  5. I try to stop thinking in Spanish and I feel very frustrated when my mind betray me thinking in Spanish. I need a help because is a little bit difficult for me


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