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  1. Even though the video seems so short, it is actually good and concise! Thanks, Vanessa!

  2. From all of these pair of sentences I knew about ACTUALLY. I used it always as IN REALITY. In my mother tongue also the meaning is the same ✌??

  3. Thanks vanessa thank YouTube i really enjoy u r miss vanessa ur acting baby language preddy and cute again thanks ????????

  4. Even though I have lived in US for two years, my English is not good. I haven't improved my English, but I studied well though. When my girlfriend let me choose one between cake cheese and sandwich, I told her I didn't like either. Actually I do like sandwich and I just wanted to save money.

  5. People in Poland also have a problem with word "actually", in polish could translate to "aktualnie" what means now in english, yeah its complicated ?

  6. English speaker:

    Fun fact:
    In the US we don’t say “me neither” because for some reason our parents taught us that “neither” was not a word, and was the slang version of either but negative. I don’t know why so many of us heard this as a child but that’s probably why we don’t say it. Oh, and those who do say it, go to school only to be told by other students and teachers that it is not a word so it’s a magazine loop. I can certainly say I was mad when I found out it was a word because it took my 5 year old mind 2 years to stop using the word onto to find out its a real word.
    Oh well…

  7. What a great lesson, before I watch this video, sometimes I got confused of using either or and neither nor, but now it's clear enough, and the using of ACTUALLY and NOW is actually clear, because we're Indonesians almost understand how to use them correctly, those are easy for us, for the last I got something new from you, especially how to use though in the end of a sentence, it's useful, thanks?❤️

  8. Hi Prof, do you have more 15 vocabulary that is very useful? and do you have vocabulary book that we can buy?

  9. The usage of though the end of sentence means contrast.
    Vanessa, if can i exchange the word both instead of either, it should be correct too?
    i might say: i don't want both!

  10. I did know clealy the different between either and neither, but now I can understand. I'm so happy for this. thank you! You're awesome!

  11. Vanessa, thank you a lot for your videos. Your videos are very great???. From Uzbekistan????????????

  12. Hello vanessa maam i am watching your videos my friend suggest me to watch your videos to learn english now i am beginner but its really helpful thanks a lot for help us to improve our english

  13. Mostly I don’t use that mistake because always I’m gonna be controlling before my speech

  14. I’ve learned a lot from you, Vanessa ? thank you for making these videos!

  15. I loved the way you said let's talk about it ? and this Vedio beneficial for me and i have learned from this vedio

  16. the russians has some issue with word – normal. Because in the russian language it also means – good.


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