In this video, I have explained all about subjects, predicates and objects in #EnglishGrammar

This topic can help all Hindi and Urdu speakers to #LearnEnglish easily.

This topic can help you in sentence formation in a better way.

In any complete sentence of the English language, there are two parts.

They are:
Subject and Predicate.


What is a subject?

A subject is a term which is used to show that about whom we are telling in that particular sentence.

Noun and Pronoun are the parts of speech which can be taken into use for showing any subject.

Why only noun and pronouns?

Because, If we are saying or writing or listening to any sentence.
We must be showing something about someone or something or somewhere in that particular sentence.

if there is some or someone or something or somewhere in that particular sentence, there must be any name for them or that.

if there is a name, which part of speech is that?
Obviously, it must be a Noun

and we know that we can use pronouns instead of any noun
we can use a pronoun at the place of a subject for representing it.

So, we can use Noun and Pronoun for representing any subject.

If you don’t know about Noun and Pronoun you can watch a video for which the link is given below:


What is a predicate?

As we know that in a sentence only two things will be there.
if we can identify any subject then the remaining part of the sentence is the predicate.


What is an object?

An object is a term in an English grammar which shows that who is the receiver of that particular action in the sentence.

It could be a person or place or thing on which that particular action in a sentence is occurring.



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