Subject Verb Agreement | Tricks/Rules/Concept in English Grammar | All Syntax Rules in Hindi | Grammar Subject Verb Agreement | Subject-Verb Agreement Rules | subject verb concord | English grammar in Hindi | subject-verb agreement examples | what is subject verb agreement?

Dear learner, welcome to @English Highway. After watching this video lecture you will be able to easily understand the concept of ‘subject verb agreement’ which is also called ‘subject verb concord’ in English grammar. This video will help you to understand what is the ‘agreement’ between the subject and the verb without which the sentence will become wrong? You will gain the in depth knowledge of subject verb agreement along with the grammar rules and examples in Hindi. This video will make you understand, how to avoid common grammar mistakes. All subject verb agreement rules have been discussed beautifully. You only need to watch this video lecture till the end without skipping the video to take the maximum benefit from it.
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