Suffix Less Meaning and Examples

Suffix Less Meaning

Suffix -Less means WITHOUT.

Suffix Less Examples

Endless: The new software offers endless possibilities.

Hopeless: The situation was difficult, but not hopeless.

Speechless: I am speechless because you look beautiful.

Fearless: I am fearless, I dread nothing.

Suffix Less Meaning in German

Suffix Less Bedeutung
Suffix -Less bedeutet OHNE.

Suffix Less Beispiele
Unendlich: Die neue Software bietet unendlich viele Möglichkeiten.

Hoffnungslos: Die Situation war schwierig, aber nicht hoffnungslos.

Sprachlos: Ich bin sprachlos, weil du wunderschön aussiehst.

Furchtlos: Ich bin furchtlos, ich fürchte mich vor nichts.

Suffix Less Meaning in Italian

Suffisso Less Significato
Il suffisso -Less significa SENZA.

Esempi di suffisso Less
Senza fine: Il nuovo software offre possibilità infinite.

Senza speranza: La situazione era difficile, ma non senza speranza.

Senza parole: I am speechless because you look beautiful.

Fearless: I am fearless, I dread nothing.

Suffix Less Meaning in Spanish

Sufijo Less Significado
El sufijo -Less significa SIN.

Ejemplos del sufijo Less
Sin fin: El nuevo software ofrece infinitas posibilidades.

Sin esperanza: La situación era difícil, pero no desesperada.

Sin palabras: Me he quedado sin palabras porque estás muy guapa.

Sin miedo: No tengo miedo, no temo nada.

Suffix Less Meaning in Chinese




无话可说 我很无语,因为你看起来很美。


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